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How to Select Adult Bibs

How to Select Adult Bibs
Adult Bibs We have a variety of Adult bibs suited for every need and budget. Depending on the user’s mobility and purpose, bibs can be selected from the following types:

Adult Bibs With Snap Closure: These bibs have snap closures:
  • Needs mobility in hand to use this.
  • Lasts many washes
Adult Bibs With Velcro: These bibs come with Velcro for attachment:
  • Very use to use and highly popular
  • Highly suitable for people with limited mobility
  • Has to be laundered carefully (stick together before washing)
  • Velcro doesn’t stick after repeated washes
Adult Bibs With Terry-Tie: These bibs come with ties to tie behind neck:
  • Lasts longer and withstands many washes
  • Not suitable for people with limited mobility
After choosing the type of neck closure that is best suited for your need, material of the bibs should also be considered.

100% Cotton: These bibs are made of 100% cotton.
  • Shrinks slightly on washing
100% Poly: These bibs are made of 100% polyester.
  • Lasts long
  • Less absorbent than cotton
Poly/Cot : These bibs are a blend of polyester and cotton.
  • Lasts longer than cotton and more washable
  • Less shrinkage than cotton
Vinyl-Plaid: These bibs have a vinyl backing.
  • Does not allow seepage of liquids
  • Washable and lasts long
100% Vinyl: These bibs are made of only vinyl.
  • Simple to use and can be wiped clean.
  • Popular as it does not require washing